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April 24, 2018, 10:31 a.m. -  Merwinn

What's weird to me is Seeing Kabush racing the SB100 with Fox 34 at Sea Otter. I know XC courses are a-changin' and all, but since when does a XC bike _need_ a 34\. If Josh Carlson can race an Anthem for the Enduro, is a 34 _needed_ for the XC? Sponsorship and just released orange Step Cast factory lowers, I get it. The new RM BC Ed. Thunderbolt has a 36 on it, even for the Small. Huh.  Were XC/trail bikes under-forked then, and are we over-forking now? Probably and maybe not. We all have our prefs. A buddy of mine won a new Kashima'ed Factory 34 in 2017 (maybe 2016) and could only get $400 for it. $400, new and uncut. Crazy. Maybe we're just fork leg diameter snobs; 'bigger = better', #36ornothing.

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