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April 19, 2018, 6:55 p.m. -  Doug Hamilton

Great article and great to read about someone that really seems to care about the quality and durability of his product. The question I have for him is why is there such a large amount of poor quality production and control of finished products form many of the big producers. Case in point, the Big S making frames where the headset bearing cup in a carbon frame is 0.8mm bigger than the supplied bearing, making it impossible not to have a continually lose headset, but other smaller makers can make the fit so exact that you have to use a press to get the bearings into the carbon head tube. Same with pressfit BB's. The only reason they creak is the hole in the frame is to big for the BB unit. I see this everyday in my workshop and having to explain to customers that their bike is really not that well made and will always have issues, gets a bit tiring, especially when the big manufactures bikes are actually quite over priced for the quality.

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