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July 6, 2016, 11:33 a.m. -  Chopalot

#!markdown I have been on my new Chromag Primer for about two weeks now. I love this bike. Here's some comments I just sent a friend whose looking at their new Surface which has a similar geometry to the Primer and Rootdown BA ( 65deg head angle like Primer tho). Here's the good: -great descents. So much more control than my Santa Cruz Tallboy its ridiculous -great in technical climbs. Alot of this has to do with such a comfortable riding position when you are climbing. I dont feel the need to pin the seat tip to my ass so much. There are comments that this is a long bike. Maybe it is but with the steep seat angle and slack head tube I feel that the handle bars are a perfect distance for my reach. -plus size wheels add a level of comfort for me. A little extra suspension and better traction for sure. Its funny tho, its now been a while since i've been on "small" wheels/tires so I kind of forget if there are advantages besides weight!!!! -wickedly awesome in technical descents Victoria's hartland road is full of these. I can ride stuff I have NEVER ridden before. Huge plus here. Now the areas where I am a little challenged: -the seat position on straight stretches feels too far forward. I have yet to try to push it back a wee bit because I love it for climbing. I suspect this is a trade off between comfort in climbing and comfort on straight sections. On descents i am almost always out of my seat but when on it, its great. -its not a fast turner. With a plus size wheel and slack head geometry you have to factor this in when riding. Again, this is what you trade for all the above benefits so I am keen to learn how to deal with it!

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