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July 18, 2016, 11:47 a.m. -  Chopalot

#!markdown I live in Edmonton now. Two years ago i bought a Borealis Fat Tire bike near the end of the summer. I preferred it to my Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC ( on the stock 4″ 45-Nrth tires, 80mm rims) so i decided to try 50mm carbon 29″ rims with Bontrager Chupacabras. I love it. It climbs just fine and was a monster truck in the descents. Huge rollover and tons of fun. At the beginning of this summer I tried my Santa Cruz again to see if I wanted to keep it. Couldn't find a thing it did better for my preferences and this terrain. This Chromag is different than the Borealis. Its better at climbing and "most" descents (technical and steep). I notice the difference between 29″plus and 27.5″plus. MOre monster truck rollover on those huge diameter 29er's and that suits some of the fast trails we have around here. Very interested to see how this Chromag does in the snow too. My Borealis 29plus tires were fine for packed at up to 3″ fresh snow. Anything more and it was wild and had to switch up to the 4″ tires.

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