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April 1, 2018, 2:13 p.m. -  Michael

Now that I’ve converted to longer reach bikes I have found the Syntace 12deg bar to provide too much reach reduction. Though I still think a useful tool if you are considering sizing up. Interestingly based on scaled drawings the 16deg SQlab bar has the same hand position as the Syntace 12deg 67 vs 68mm from bar centre. The 12deg 30x is about 52mm from bar centre, this I suspect because the Syntace starts its sweep much closer to centre as I mentioned before. I recently tried the Syntace bar on my current HT and while I liked the feel for seated pedalling I just couldn’t get on with the shorter cockpit when in standing attack position. So I think I may have to pull the trigger on the 30x 12deg and give it a go.

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