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Feb. 2, 2017, 8:25 a.m. -  Morgan Taylor

#!markdown Nice work on this Pete. A few questions/comments: 1\. How stiff are these compared to, say, a Five Ten Freerider Contact? They _look_ not so stiff, but appearances can be deceiving. I've been riding a lot of flat pedals over the past year and still come back to stiffness as a make- or-break trait. 2\. Drying time measured in days rather than hours, so true. The two-piece aspect of these shoes hits on a requirement I have of my ski gloves, which is a removable liner. We bought a boot dryer this year, though, because even the thinnest of shoes that go out in a coastal forest in winter or bike commute to work in wet weather may not dry by the next time you want to wear them. 3\. You're tying your shoes wrong. At least in the product photos. I don't doubt you may do it right when the shoe's on your foot, but I didn't until I watched this video, and it changed my life. <>

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