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March 25, 2018, 4:53 a.m. -  r1Gel

Would these bars be OK for someone coming from the other end of the spectrum,  i.e., alt-bars? I was on a Titec H-bar for about a season on my SS then found the 45-deg sweep too much and finally found the sweet spot on a 25-deg Ragley Carnegie Bar \(eventually switched back to 1x10 too\). I sold that bike \(and the bar with it of course; stupid me\).  I don't get well along with traditional "straight" bars anymore and was wondering if these 12-and 16-deg bars from SQLab would do the trick. I like a more upright position and thought the 16-deg would better suit me but the SQLab website actually recommends the 12-deg version of the 30X for more upright riders: []( Anybody else in the same predicament as me?

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