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March 6, 2018, 5:41 p.m. -  AW_REALLY

Cam, your numbers for the US may or may not be spot on, but consider your source.  If you take  4 of the cities out of the equation then the US number drop below even Canada's  numbers.  Which 4 cities you ask?  Washington D.C, Chicago, New Orleans and New York.  Why these 4 cities?  These 4 cities have the highest murder rates in the US and these 4 cities have the strictest "gun control" laws in the US.  The facts are out there and so many f you are so offended by them that you think its ok to pick and choice what supports your opinion, lazy journalism indeed......  Another thing about the US is everyone has the freedom to shop and buy what they want.  If they choose to support the companies then so be it, if they don't, its their choice, but because so many of you have an endless supply of guilt for something that has absolutely no direct cause or affect on you and you feel like you need to affect change in a county that you don't even live in, is absolutely ridiculous. Yes what happened in Florida is a tragedy, but the the local police and even the FBI admitted on the National News they dropped the ball on this one.  After several interviews with the actual shooter and tips from numerous people close to the shooter, nothing was done to stop this individual, before this happen, but everyone want to villainize the gun, the AR15.  Its the not the gun, if he had used an AK47 would everyone be so willing to affect their version of change on the US?  Would the MEC still be boycotted because their group owns a company that manufactures guns and ammo or would this even be a discussion ?       This is a site for Mountain Bikes and related equipment and destinations for Mountain Biking. That is why I subscribe to this site not to have a gun control debate.  Yes I read the story above and I do see the correlation between the two, but REALLY ?????

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