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March 6, 2018, 11:59 a.m. -  WNCmotard

Why does one need a 6" travel, $10,000 wonderbike to go ride? Surely a Walmart special would get the job done just as well, right? The AR is robust, dependable, accurate platform to start with. You can also get them chambered in various calibers, so yes, they can make a good hunting rifle, and most states limit you to a 5 round magazine for hunting. Lots of people go out and target shoot and practice marksmanship on a regular basis as a hobby, no different than we ride our bikes. Putting a five shot group into the ten ring at longer ranges is nowhere near as easy as the movies leads people to believe. Shooting when done responsibly is a very enjoyable way to relax, as you need to be relaxed for good accuracy. And just for the record, I enjoy shooting my air guns just as much as anything I own.

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