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March 4, 2018, 12:59 p.m. -  Peter Leeds

Just a thought. If the problem is the gun and not the person firing it, then why does the same logic not follow to other areas of life, cars say. Without a driver the car just sits there and is no danger at all, until a motorist gets into it.  You need a license to drive, show some level of competence...but do we blame the accidents and deaths on the cars or the drivers?  Funny this same logic does not work with guns. The Virginia Tech shooting really stands out for me, as the perp was a KNOWN head case and STILL was able to get semiautomatic handguns, that are just as effective as an AR 15 (worse, actually since they can be readily concealed compared to a long gun) and yet the focus is the guns, not the fact he was allowed to slip through the system which I suspect is as leaky as a sieve. I think until the real issue, the people committing these crimes, is addressed nothing will improve.  The guns will never go away.  And as aluded to earlier, you hear about how gun control brings down gun violence in other parts of the world (England and Australia come to mind) but I would like to see the stats on deaths by "alternate means".  I would like to see the stats for driving in the US per year.  Would make for an interesting comparison. And I don't think selective removal of business associations are going to work, either.  I know ethical funds exist but how many invest in them?  The things that make the most money are not often the most peaceful or non injurious aspects of life.  I think for most so long as they are getting 15% they don't really care how.  I am a MEC member but I see this as a knee jerk reaction.  Why not after Sandy Hook or Columbine? Interesting side note to Columbine:  Klebold and Harris had a bomb attached to a propane tank for added effect, and it never went off.  So why not ban propane tanks if it is really about the ability to effect mass casualty?  I could go on, but the point:  until we focus on the people and the reasons why they do what they do nothing will improve.  David killed Goliath with a stone, after all. Does anyone find the fact that the shooting in Florida happened on Valentines Day?  This to me speaks volumes for the fact it is not a gun issue but a people issue.

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