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March 3, 2018, 3:09 p.m. -  Dan V

Knives are the weapon of choice for mass murder outside of the US. Google search on the topic will give plenty of examples, such as Japanese school massacres or a German stabbing spree where there was a HIV-positive scare.   Focus on the process, instead of only the problem. Culture is a part of the root of the problem that can be addressed. Is there something closer to the root of the problem?  US culture: heavy judgment, social outcasting, and incarceration. Suicide prevention that assumes people are mentally ill who need personal fixing. "Thoughts and prayers" as sympathy. Heck, just being smelly is borderline terrorism to people, with people preferring to outcast them rather than offer a solution that allows integration. Victims of such treatment lose hope and have breakdowns. They have strong feelings yet have no way to act them out. If they lay a hand on an oppressor, they can lose their way of life, so they suppress it until it grows too big to hold back. Evil thoughts are frighteningly common, due to all the pent up frustration. Outlets such as "rage rooms" are questionable in effectiveness, as is sport shooting. There's many changes we can make to culture that subtly affects people to mitigate problems down the line. For example, simply having anonymous voting buttons on these posts is questionable, since it makes judgment seem commonplace and tolerated. If people are given power, they need to be held accountable for their use. Me having a word in this matter is held accountable by my ID/profile. If I am to upvote/downvote, I would prefer if it were tagged with my ID, and have a full history of my voting habits displayed in my profile, and have my upvotes/downvotes decrease in value in certain circumstances, to limit the damage/impact I can do with them in case of corruption. This system will encourage me to self-police myself to uphold a consistent ethical standard.  The fix could be summed up as simply being tolerant, yet being intolerant of intolerance (famous paradox). Intolerance of guns and brands associated with them etc. is questionable. Money going to Camelbak, Bell, Giro, etc. isn't proven to go towards supporting sport shooting. There's other options out there for those seeking to be mass murderers, such as explosives. Need to divert focus to the problem of intolerance and help re-integrate people into being productive fulfilling citizens of Earth. We just need to get along with each other and stop drawing lines to segregate yourself from others, based on fears and narrow-minded beliefs.

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