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March 2, 2018, 12:19 p.m. -  JT

It's a toughie these days here in Canada's nether region. Reasonable discourse is (and arguably has been) out the window and a lot of zealots, predominantly on the right, have taken this up as a battle cry. The Constitution is a living and evolving document, but that is a lost point to many. Too many absolutist statements on both sides, and no one is willing to converse IRL without their respective affiliations' bullet points at the ready and ear plugs in place. You're witnessing the fall of a nation from up there in the US's coiffure. As for the financial protests, I think it's the right of a company to do what they feel best aligns with their interests and values. If that means pulling some product from the shelves, fine. If that means social media platforms banning/striking down fascist/white power DB's, I'm cool with that. The shop I worked at abandoned Bell/Giro/Blackburn/Camelback when they started showing up online for less than we wholesaled them. This new issue is just another small feather in a big hat to avoid supporting those brands.

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