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Feb. 21, 2018, 5:13 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I think the 78-degree STA is a smart decision on Kona’s part. It’s frankly where bikes are going and like the Process line they are getting out front of a trend for bikes they’ll be selling for a few seasons. The steeper STAs accommodate longer standing Reach numbers while maintaining similar ETT numbers for seated riding (as has been noted) and they also make for more seat tube vs. tire clearance for longer travel bikes with super short stays. It will be interesting to nuance as this is by the far the steepest STA bike I’ve ridden and steeper than I would choose if building a bike myself (I also prefer longer CS) but I feel I get what Kona is up too and thus far - a couple rides in - I’m impressed up, down, and across with the total package (a good reminder to not get too stuck on geo charts).  If I can make a long term prediction I think STA will end up being size specific for all brands. Say 78 for XXL, 77 for XL, 76 for L, 75 for M, and 74 for S. It’s all relative to saddle vs bb position.

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