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Feb. 20, 2018, 4:43 p.m. -  Andrew Major

So I've replied to this a few different ways in my mind. I don't want to be accused of self-censorship but I think as a bike-nerd & reviewer I can sometimes be justifiably accused of focusing in on product weaknesses without adequately highlighting strengths.  For example, I'm a SRAM fan - especially of the actions they've taken to support local shops through competitive global price structures and grey market controls - and I quite like Eagle but I've been looking over my shoulder for the nihilist hit-squad from the Big Lebowski ever since I pissed off zee SRAM-Tchermans by noting the relative length of an Eagle derailleur cage to a 27" wheel  and - jokingly - saying their new narrow wide rings look like the result of drunken whittling.  So, a couple of different replies but keep in mind I think your Yari is an awesome fork (and would personally buy one over a Lyrik based on price but am not saying the Lyrik isn't awesome): 1) I've had great riding experiences on the Lyrik, Pike, and so far the Revelation so I'm certainly not shitting on the forks. RockShox has obviously influenced every companies' air systems in a very positive way.  But, I've never found Charger to be an upgrade. I've heard that PUSH has a custom tuning program that makes a big difference but I read a piece somewhere on how Nicolas Vouilloz sets up his RockShox forks, tried something similar with my setup, and never looked back.   With the fork setup as I've noted it, I don't perceive any advantage of the RC3 over an RC Motion Control damper. Obviously, this is one opinion and I welcome anyone who has had a different experience to share it. 2) Just as coil shocks and forks are making a comeback, I think saving weight by running bladder dampers in forks (Charger, FIT, etc) other than for light trail and XC racing applications will disappear as legacy products leave the pipeline. All the credit to Ohlins for leading the charge in putting oil back in forks.  So, if I was looking to upgrade the damper in my RockShox fork I would absolutely follow that trend and get an Avalanche Racing damper. I ran one in my Fox 34 years ago and that's still my favorite 29'er fork I've owned (with an old Fox air system to boot).  I'd love to try the latest generation RockShox air systems with an Avy damper. I think it would blow my mind.  I have no inside information about RockShox specifically but I'd be surprised if we don't see an entirely new take on damping from them in the next couple years just knowing where other companies are going.

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