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Feb. 14, 2018, 8:57 a.m. -  DMRDave

A bit more experimenting with the 16's on my short trail centre ride (5 miles sometimes linked with a 2.5 miles extension), generally once a week - I tell myself it's better than nothing. I recon I could take more of a sweep and when climbing tent to rotate my hands further and put my thumbs over the top of the bar and consciously think "elbows in" which really helps relax my posture.  The 50mm 20 degree rise stem is fine, I think at shorter stem would be better ( I had a 40mm/10deg rise dabomb stem for around 8 years), but I feel the rise is needed and the fork steerer is cut short so can't stack higher.  I have rolled the bars back to near where they should be ( I had rolled them up to give more up sweep than back), but also following this [article](, I have narrowed in my grips, bakes, etc and am nearing in to a prefered to sort my tyres (I either run them hard and slide or soft and puncture); I've never thought about my bike setup so much!!! For stem options I found this [Site]( to compare actual reach of different setups, and the 40mm/10deg to 50mm/20deg with my head angle (phone app measured 67deg) was 3mm longer and 12mm higher Now on a side note - I have been having more neck discomfort so have had a few physio trips recently, with a new chap as my previous has stopped practicing, this new guy has approached my problem differently and has looked at a few things, one of which is a wasting of tricep (right handside) which seems to cause me to use my muscles and frame wrong and sort of clench lots of muscles to gain stability..... so lots of tricep exercises cometh!

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