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Feb. 9, 2018, 3:55 p.m. -  mikeynets

I have 50 miles on these bars (and some new ESI Chunky grips) and while I can't say my hand pain is gone, it's not worse. It's been less than a month though, and years worth of accrued damage to my hand so I wasn't expecting anything earth shattering. I also got a steroid injection in that time and it didn't do anything — my dr. anticipated I had a low chance of seeing improvement. I was coming from 760mm Spank Oozy bars and a 50mm stem on a large 2016 Norco Sight. I'm just under 5'11 and the reach on this bike feels perfect to me, though I haven't spent much time on any of the new longer reach bikes. I didn't cut down the SQLabs bars figuring 1\. lemme just see how they feel at 780 for a while and 2\. with the added backsweep, the difference between 760 and 780 probably feels less than 20mm. Rode it through some of my tighter local trails and only dinged one tree so far. . . I also didn't change to a longer stem. I have a 60 kicking around somewhere, but in all honesty I'm not that picky or sensitive to notice 10mm difference. Or, maybe I would notice it if it was glaringly off, but it isn't and so far I'm stoked on the SQLabs bars.  I'm still holding out for a longer trial period, but I do think there's a little more "give" to these bars than the Oozy bars. Maybe it's just in my head, or a recency bias or recent purchase bias, hard to say.

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