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Feb. 6, 2018, 11:38 a.m. -  Pete Roggeman

There are things you do to mess with your buddies, and things that just aren't cool anymore (and never were, but young teens get a bit of a pass). Tight groups of friends that stay together over the years seem to be good at maintaining a codified if unstated set of rules, as well as helping each other sort it out if they're blowing it. With each guy you add to that, the possibility of someone not sticking to those rules increases - perhaps exponentially. Group trips of that size are a minefield for that sort of thing.  I wonder if 'guy that won't pay' is also the one who doesn't unload bikes, offer to take his turn retrieving the shuttle vehicle, or bring beers for the other dudes in the hot tub? I'm betting he is. Where's @tehllama when we need him to write a 50-page document about this? As men age, sometimes they get worse at maintaining friendships. Guys like that illustrate one of the many problems that lead to that, but I agree with Dave - there's a huge onus on the buddies to get him back in line, and the only solution just may be a heavy dose of tough love.

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