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Feb. 5, 2018, 1:30 p.m. -  Michael

Coming from a very high AS bike to the Knolly I immediately noticed the change in the design, the bike felt much more stable and composed. It also felt much less playful and "poppy". I started digging into the suspension kinematics and studying up on the concepts. Heres the thing with Knolly's; yes they have low AS, they also have relatively high progression. With this in mind I "turned off" all of the compression on my CCInline and was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is plenty of pop in the design it was just being sucked-up by the compression damping on the shock. The progressiveness of the suspension already provides a level of support and bottom out resistance that compression damping on the shock was not required or even desirable for me. If you feel like thats the case for you, I'd highly recommend playing around with your compression adjustments starting at zero and working your way up you may be surprised to discover that Knollys can pop and hop with the best of the high AS designs but still out traction them when needed.

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