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Feb. 2, 2018, 5:35 p.m. -  Peter Leeds

I read this list, and am guilty of more than one atrocity.  For a long time, the shit bike to own was a Ti hardtail with a Z1 Fork, King hubs, XTR V brakes and Sunburst Rims (the ones that had multi colours on them.....Rasta Mannn).  Lacing patterns mattered, and whom built your wheels, too (I recall with fondness that to have a set of DanSed Wheels was a big deal).   But when you are on the cutting edge, things change fast.  But those bear claw pedals on unarmored only learned that lesson once.   From the photos:  nice to see Core Rat armour (wish I still had some) and the Core Rat Stanchion protectors (there was a time when this mattered).  Or Roach Top tube protectors (superfluous as you never intended to have kids) or even more,  the Roach Stem protector, to keep the stem nice and shinny.   How many remember break off derailleur bolts?

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