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Feb. 2, 2018, 11:07 a.m. -  luisgutierod

adriaix,   you just touched the subject that I thought of about a freaking month to understand how different a bike with more AS felt compared to a Knolly Warden WHEN NOT PEDALLING I changed from a Warden to a Canfield Balance, long story short, I felt right away how the Balance was not caught up in small holes when terrain was not that steep. I felt that pumping on the pedals took the bike out quicker, which did not happen at all in the Knolly (not that it was bad, just different input required). Absolutely agree on the fact that the weight on the pedals affects to a greater extent the suspension behaviour on a bike with more AS. I have done chainless runs on the Warden and tbh the bike handles very similar compared to when it has a chain... which makes sense totally as there is low PK.  Cheers...

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