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Feb. 1, 2018, 12:06 p.m. -  Tom1111

I have been playing with push on grips since reading your ditch your lock on grips article. It gave me a reason to experiment with stuff without spending a fortune. I have put some of these ultra tacky grips onto my main bike and they do feel really good to the touch (although I haven't got out on that bike yet). I also found an old set of Kevlar ones that I have put on my rigid bike that I have been using. I am enjoying the push on Renthals with no complaints but I have been wondering what a slight thicker version would feel like, I was thinking about experimenting with a layer of gorilla tape under the grip. I liked the smaller outer diameter of the bar end plug on the newer grips so they Don't dig into your hand but did you find the plug for the bar a bit too small? I had to wrap a good chunk of electrical tape around it to keep it central when tight.

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