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Jan. 20, 2018, 4:23 p.m. -  AndrewR

I spent part of the summer on Eagle XO1 (on a loaner) and whilst it was a big step better than the 11 speed XX1 I used to have it does not come anywhere close to encouraging me to change away from XT or XTR. The B-tension issue is slightly less finicky than with the 11 speed but it is still extremely sensitive. I also struggled to remember how many times in the last twenty years I have had to stop due to having a stick sucked into the lower derailleur pulley but it seemed like a 3-4 times every ride event with the Eagle derailleur. I also witnessed several Eagle drivetrains suffer quite bad damage from relatively minor offs where one would not expect the chain to get twisted and damage the other parts of the drivetrain. I do like the light weight machined cassettes and the weight saving there gained, they also wear really well, easily surviving a year of guide level kilometres.  There is a large, slow jump from the 42T to the 50T (but the jump from the 37T to the 46T on the XT M8000 cassette is almost as slow). I just wish someone would make a consumer 11 speed 14-48T cassette that kept a nice even spacing between each gear. I cannot remember the last time I made it onto the 10T or 12 T other than down a hill, on a road, on the way to the shops.

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