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Jan. 19, 2018, 3:55 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

Yep. I was running XXO 11 speed but those derailleur had issues with creaking and coming off unless you used a lot of locktite and the clutch required service more often then it should so I took it off once it was worn and replaced with XTR derailleur and shifter and XT q1 speed cassette. The 42 on the XT wore fast for me. Went through two cassettes in 2016 and multiple chains and rings. It sounded as though the derailleur issues with 11 speed were addressed with eagle and I had a large gift certificate from retirement to spend so I did. Last summer I went through a chain and a ring. Although the chain measured good I decided to replace it because it had lots of rides and the ring looked done. I am very impressed with durability. If. IF. If DUB works out to be as durable I will be doubly impressed.  One issue I have is shifting. It doesn’t drop into higher gears mid cassette and higher which I attribute to cable friction. The cable routing on my Bronson is a bit circuitous and a polymer Shimano cable helps a lot. I may try fiddling with b tension more too after reading other people’s issues.

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