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Jan. 16, 2018, 1:39 p.m. -  mobaar

Can't reply to Cooper, but putting DUB on a list of BB **_shell_** standards is simply false.  The list is correct until you add DUB.   DUB would fit into crank/BB interfaces, which would be:  JIS square taper ISO square taper Octalink Octalink v2 Power spline Power drive ISIS 30mm short (BB30/PF30) 30mm long (BB386, Cinch, etc) Hollowtech 2 Campy Ultra Torque GXP MegaExo 19mm MegaExo 24mm X-Type and now DUB.   I know I missed several in that list.  A few are somewhat cross compatible (the 24mm ones primarily), but not 100%.  I've had 24mm MegaExo (FSA) cranks that wouldn't fit another brand 24mm BB.   You can see from that list that this is not new ground.   For SRAM, this replaces GXP (which is already a unique system, requiring a dedicated BB) and their BB30/PF30 cranks (which are NOT long spindle, so don't currently fit BB86/92, BSA, or BB90/95 shells).

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