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Jan. 9, 2018, 11:38 a.m. -  sp00n

Yeah, Gripton supposedly stays flexible in the cold, as does the new Addix compound from Schwalbe. Continental's Black Chili compound (BCC) does this as well, which I can tell from personal experience (and a low cost Shore A Durometer tester). It would be interesting to see a comparison for the various rubber compounds in cold weather, as most MTB magazines constantly ignore the fact that there are riders on their bikes when it's below 10 or, good grief, even below 5° Celsius. I've measured the tires available to me, but of course I don't have the means to measure all the interesting tires and compounds. By the way, coincidentally all three cold resistant compounds I know of (Gripton, Addix & BCC) were developed by the same guy (or at least he was part of the team) - Wolfgang Arenz.

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