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Jan. 6, 2018, 4:35 p.m. -  Peter Leeds

Your comparison to the Lefty is not accurate.  The Lefty is an axle, which although faces the same stresses and shear forces the axle is MUCH large and thus can take much more force.   The screw that mounts the shock on the front triangle is experiencing the force of the shock in exactly the worst way possible; it will either bend, crack or break over time, assuming the bike would be ridden to experience "reasonable forces".  This does not mean drops to flat over and over, of course.  There is a reason most bikes have the shock mounted such that the bolts go through and are braced on both sides.   Like I have said, nice bike but I can't see it being for more than light trail riding.  And although you may find that Pole's CS is excellent, fixing the mount on the front end is no small matter and would entail a full redesign of the front end to fix the mount, which no matter what would not be easy.  Simply replacing the front end only would buy one time for the next time it happens again. I hope I am proved wrong as there is a lot about this frame that intrigues me.

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