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Jan. 5, 2018, 5:53 p.m. -  T-mack

Ok here are my thoughts on this bike. Regarding the whole 'recyclable' issue I have to make a point. Yes alu can be recycled into more frames or pop cans etc HOWEVER processing alu comes with its own challenges and environmental impact. Carbon can't be recycled which is true HOWEVER good quality carbon should never have to be (shameless We Are One plug here). I can see there being an issue with these 'disposable' Alibaba frames from China yes, but good carbon products should be useable for a long ass time, longer than alu if made properly. I had a carbon Marin frame that went through rear ends every month. it got to the point where I literally had a whole shelf piled with rear triangles. Theres a huge difference between that frame and a high end Santa Cruz frame for example. Leo's decision to go alu is probably not a gimmick as he knew he was going to get a low quality frame. Now is there going to be a method to recycle carbon in the future? Of course there will be so it's a non issue IMO. That being said, as a machinist, I freaking love this frame! As a proud owner of an Evolink I also have to say that the customer service is amazing as well. Every email I sent was responded to in hours and that was enough to get my credit card number. Yes the frame is new and interesting but I wouldn't worry when it came to plunking down the cash.  There's nothing wrong with a new and interesting way to build a bike, look at Robot and the 3D printed bike wihch is badass imo. If the company is willing to stand behind their product then who cares, get the exciting new bike and enjoy it, afterall thats what biking is all about right?

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