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Dec. 27, 2017, 4:52 p.m. -  Kos

I've also experienced #1 firsthand, before I typed the comment, when I checked in with a pro mech friend, so I guess that one can go both ways.  But he laughed at the idea of being able to "tell" his rider what to use.  Strongly encourage, yes, but no telling.  Which he is fine with, since he has no desire to own a failure based on making the final call on equipment. On #2, just my 15 years or so of tubeless experience as an early adopter -- remember those goofy Stans conversion strips with the built-in valve stems?! -- but nothing holds a tubeless tire tighter than the Bontrager plastic rim strip/hooked bead combination.  Sometimes to the point that I wonder if I could break the bead on trail in the event of a flat.  Sample size of 1 person, to be sure, but a long time. First-world debates, eh?!

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