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Dec. 27, 2017, 9:48 a.m. -  Tehllama42

I could argue the contrary - standards can be accounted for, and more importantly the whole frame or fork has to change for that to matter (which is a comparable investment)... it's not as though good wheelsets have an expected lifetime that different than the complete bike. Modular hubs exist, and are good (DT-Swiss, Chris King), so one good set of wheels logically could last through two or three bikes before becoming obsolete. I think it's a case where a high end trail/AM set of wheels could also gradually move over towards a bike with less aggressive intentions as those wheels age - especially since hub standards tend to trickle down that direction too.  The idea I'm currently toying with is taking my already well work LB 35/30mm wheels and letting them hand-me-down over to a Canfield EPO, then acquiring a set of 38/32mm LB's for when I bump the travel up on my full suspension rig.   I'd say if you're looking to do a two frames plus two wheelsets equals four bikes type setup, there probably is adequate justification for getting one set of carbon wheels... but I'd keep the other set aluminum.

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