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Dec. 8, 2017, 3:54 p.m. -  Andrew Major

My E4 experience is why I reference loving the idea of trying a V4/Tech-3 combo. The E4 were beautifully made and I quite liked the lever feel. Certainly not my favourite brake to bleed but not the worst.  I’d say they have about the same power as a Guide brake - which is to say around the same as a Shimano 2-Piston but with much nicer feel/power curve at the lever. Overall I was very impressed with the quality/manufacturing/feel and underwhelmed by the power. In contrast I think the 2-Piston R0R from Formula bests the Guide or E4 when things get steep/gnarled. The V4/Tech3 promises the same feel with more power and that’s exciting. I don’t know anyone locally that wants less braking up front. In the spirit of my Magura experience I’d be all over trying a V4 front / X2 rear setup. Totally agree that the Tech 3 lever adjustments work awesomely.

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