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Nov. 30, 2017, 7:40 a.m. -  goose8

I know this is a bit dated, but I wanted to leave something here for anyone that is considering upgrading their comp to the dorado air spring from the pro. Manitou figured out a way to make it work, but it's a little bit more complex than a simple swap.  The change requires two parts. They're the Magnum Pro 27.5+ 120/140 air spring (141-32155-K023) and the Mastodon Comp air piston (141-30996-K024). Manitou can provide guidance about the conversion process if you need it. They went the extra mile to make this work and deserve massive kudos for doing so. I had my shop convert my fork since I was having difficulty with the air spring on the comp (I'm 100kg with gear). It was ok, but difficult to get full travel out of unless the air pressure was really low (which caused lots of dive). It is a completely different fork now that it has the dorado spring, much plusher and fun to ride. Cheers!

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