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Nov. 25, 2017, 11:18 a.m. -  chrischris

I have big palms, I can hold and move around a basket ball with one hand. My last bike came with Ergon GE1 (about 28mm Inside and 30mm outside diameter) and were too thin. I tried then ESI extra chunky(about 34mm diameter) and vibration damping and diameter were perfect but they felt too "vague". Next were Odi Rogues on a friend's bike, I think something around 33mm. But they just did not feel right. Then at a demo day I tried a Lapierre and the stock grips were amazing, You can find those on Lapierre's site at 17EUR (grips BY HERRMANS). I was sure they got them from another company and traced them to Herrmans Rib Lock DD35 and got some from at delivery. They got something like 33mm diameter and are lock-ons. Diameter and compound are important but I think there is a special thing about bladed grips. Many here mentioned ODI Sensus and Longneck or BMX grips....they are all bladed type. I think the blades are good for small vibration damping but the small size of the blades don't allow them to feel "vague" wile riding. If you try the Herrmanns just consider grip in wet without gloves is really bad. I was reading a lot of good things about revgrips but I considered were too expensive to give them a try. I might try a pair of DMR Brendog one day. Off-topic a  little, related to hand fatigue to me the biggest difference I felt though was not from the grips but from the tires. Started with Conti Baron Project and went to Magic Mary VertStar... night and day.One day I will ditch the air for coil and I am sure that will make the biggest difference of all (I've seen the difference between air and coil in the case of rear shocks).

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