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Nov. 23, 2017, 10:34 p.m. -  Michael

Long overdue reply... I run the Vector Alu 10mm rise at 780/12°. I agree with another commenter that the wider the bar the more sweep it should have. This is particularly true for me as I have relatively narrow shoulders. It helps to put my shoulder and it's related structures in a strong and neutral position (shoulder packed and elbows out but not pointed to the sky) Which then engages all of those support muscles like the lats and traps. Another side benefit of a bit more sweep is that riding tight and twisty trails is made just a touch easier by not having to rotate quite as far to get the wheel in the spot one needs it in. I would recommend a bar with a bit more rise as it allows one to take advantage of the up sweep if needed; just more options for getting that perfect position.

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