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Nov. 17, 2017, 1:17 p.m. -  Albert Steward

Hi Andrew,  Yep, sans rotor and adapter w/ 1000/1900mm hoses. I'll be adding the Matchmaker, I-SpecII and I-SpecB adaptor bracket shortly also.  That's purely srp - there's nothing to stop a dealer trying to sell them for more (maybe just stunted sales). That said, I've tried as much as possible to price according to the US plan (both converted MAP and dealer margin profile) so there should be no penalty for the consumer for buying through a Canadian IBD like you get on some items (hopefully everyone wins this way). It's a little tough with the fluctuating $CA-$US currency but it's the best I can do to ensure a level playing field where possible with the US market.   TRP run a pretty tight ship in regards to online pricing parity - weirdly CRC show the Quadiem G-Spec @ CA$262.99 with a 24% discount applied (CA$344.99 srp). I can't speak for the converted UK srp but it looks a little inflated to me or perhaps the Brexit effect biting the £GBP.  Hope this helps

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