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Nov. 16, 2017, 2:53 a.m. -  another_waki

While I can see how many who test forks side to side could go for air, it’s not that simple. Some dampers are better than others with speed sensitivity and will let oil through on square edge hits. For comparison RS RCT3 Charger system is not as good as Fox Fit1- Fit4\. Same for rear shocks, a well tuned CCDB will be extremely precise with LSC. Every single RS shock is a joke. That means that there are systems that actually offer plush and stable at the same time. Every single owner of Öhlins fork I know, and those are mostly good riders, takes coil any time. There is no help for RS Sektor coil though... there is air and there is air, same with coils. Manitou coil forks of the past... let’s not mention that. Marzocchi never had a suspension fork with decent LSC damping. I could eventually romanticize RC3 Ti series.  Then there is the clock for what it’s worth. And I know from Two horses mouths that forks setup by them for World Cup racers use coil, because they are just faster. At the end of the day, Aaron Gwin could win on a shopping cart. The whole coil vs air thing is as silly as clips vs flats and the wheelsize mess

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