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Nov. 15, 2017, 2:41 a.m. -  David Max

To take this a step further since we're nerding out already, I've been wondering whether we'll see the introduction of carbon composite springs in MTB at some point. Essentially, they are stacks of individual carbon belleville washers that would allow for rate tuning throughout the stroke by swapping out individual disks. Without having done too much research on them my suspicion is that the space constraints inside a MTB fork are such that it might not be possible to make use of them, but it seems like they could easily be used effectively for rear shocks.  MW industries, one of the main companies that manufactures them, is a subsidiary of Hyperco, the company that supplies springs for Push. I did ask Darren about them years ago in a MTBR thread and he implied that it was something they were looking into, but it doesn't seem like it ever went any further than that. If you are talking to folks down at Suspension Werx about funky, progressive spring systems it would be great to hear what their thoughts on them are. More Info: [](,8119/MW-Industries-Carbon-Composite-Bellows-Shock-Spring,82137/bturman,109 [](

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