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July 29, 2016, 9:20 a.m. -  Brad Sedola

#!markdown I feel that I'm starting to talk like some old MOFO, but the sense of entitlement with the younger generations boggles my mind. In my mind nobody should even comment on a trail that they had nothing to do with creating or maintaining just because you drop $5K on a bike. Earn your turns, help out on trail days, pay your club fees, whatever, just don't bitch about it. The Northshore has changed since the good ol' days, trails are getting easier. I don't mind, it coincides with my devolving skills as I get older. I appreciate every trail that I have ever ridden on those hills over the last 30 years. Flying Circus (RIP), Boogieman, Bobsled, Penny Lane/Good Sir Martin… all wicked trails. I dedicated 10+ years to our local bike scene but with age comes other responsibilities and unfortunately none of the up and comers took over the reigns. Trails, clubs and races have all but disappeared around my locale. Makes it even more special when I manage to get down to the lower mainland to ride trails that continue to have the volunteer's dedication that I remember. Keep it up! You guys really have something special down there.

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