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July 29, 2016, 3:52 p.m. -  Dave Evad

#!markdown Trail designers/builders don't do anything for anyone but themselves or money! I'm not talking about avg Joe helper, either. Most trail db's are forced to build easy and intermediate trails because they are building on public lands. Public land isn't their personal playground. If they want the privilege to build elitist trails on public land, they have to earn that privilege by building trails accessible to everyone first. What makes any of these people think they can just tear in to public land and build triple black diamond death runs all over the place and F everyone else? You want to do that, go find some private land and build stuff even they can't ride themselves… HAVE AT IT!! But when you step foot on public land, it's just not going to happen that way. But that's what they want and threaten to quit building if they can't have it their way. Well, F'off than!! Go find your private land which isn't available and nobody wants the insurance liability. That changes the entire scenario and they know it and so they give in and build easy to moderate trails first so they can start building their death trails. It's all about what they want, it's government and the public who is watching out for the citizens that their public lands aren't being abused by the elitist few. They have to force these builders to pay their dues through building the more accessible trails. They complain about so few volunteers and donations, but why would anyone want to volunteer and donate toward a bunch of trails they won't even be able to enjoy? Yeah, thanks for your $100 and 40 hours of help, too bad this is a death run you'll never get to enjoy.

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