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Aug. 2, 2016, 12:25 p.m. -  Steve

#!markdown This ride had absolutely no type 2 fun in it. Type 1 the whole way. First time for me. It was definitely epic by length, but the crew was well matched, in good spirits and the route was relatively mellow and enjoyable. Only a couple of 'oh shit' moments, like Cooper's OTB. I've had my fair share of the type 2 epics; getting turned around in the chilcotins, trying to ride all 5 local peaks (Burke, Eagle {2nd narrows} Seymour, Fromme, Cypress), I've bonked on road rides, suffered hypothermia on trail runs, and for the longest time believed that suffering was part of what made it epic. This ride proved that theory dead wrong, it was simultaneously one of the most enjoyable and memorable rides I have ever done.

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