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Oct. 24, 2017, 7:28 a.m. -  DMRDave

What a great article! I had an off (otb in to a ditch) at the same time as over working myself renovating a house a few years ago and trapped a nerve in my neck. Since then I have struggled to do more than about an hour riding on my fullsus (Intense Tracer) with an Easton Havoc bar.  My hardtail (Stanton Slackline) has a more comfortable cockpit, but the bars are a little narrow and old (15years at a guess Azonic Double Walls) and have a little to much flex in them but the shape is about right (I can't find any info on their actual shape?). So after hunting for a alternative shaped bar (a different colour or pattern does not warrant  a different product does it?), I recently read a past issue of MBUK with an article about Hans Ray using the "weird cockpit of SQlab Bars" but finding more info on these has not been easy! it's interesting that Syntace also do a similar shaped bar, but their website is not easy to use and how do I decide which of these few choices would suit me best without buying them (no shops are going to stock either of these in the UK i doubt)?

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