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Oct. 21, 2017, 2:57 a.m. -  TheFunkyMonkey

I'm following up as I've had the 12* for about 100 miles thus far and they are game changers for me. I did cut mine down to 760mm as I've found anything wider too much for my 5'9" (0 ape) body. And I got the alloy version for this "trial" - quality product. I, too, have an old wrist injury (compound fracture) that doesn't bother me often but does get "tired" after rides (or anything endurance related). And I don't have full flexibility of that wrist so the added sweep of these bars really helps my situation. I do agree that 12* doesn't require any adjustments coming from current, standard bars. I haven't experienced any downsides on technical descents but the climbing position and leverage is fantastic. These just flat out work and are super comfortable.  I'm a convert and evangelist. They aren't for everyone but definitely a nice option to have. I'm actually surprised more brands haven't offered similar options. And while 16* are likely too much for any technical riding, I do see trying them out at some point. They seem like a great option for a flat bar road/CX bike or commuter.

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