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Sept. 9, 2017, 10:57 a.m. -  Endur-Bro

As a current Surface owner this is/was a let down.  Being an offshore built frame means that any type of customization is likely a no go.  There are a few local builders around that will take on projects for around this price point.  The downside is the lack of crotch-grabbing bears prestige.  The upside is not having Chromag based convos with trailside randoms.  I really like their made in BC CNC'ed products but those might be disappearing in favour of product line expansions.  Anyone know if the Ranger V2 is made in Canada?  I know the Ranger was made by NSB, and the BZA states "Made in Canada" while the Ranger V2 just says "Machined from premium alloy." And what's with carbon frames being the be all end all of cycling technology? *Read in Seinfeld voice*

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