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Sept. 8, 2017, 10:24 p.m. -  Dave Tolnai

This is really interesting.  If you look at full suspension carbon, the  onshore/offshore discussion is pretty much over.  It's just accepted that even the most expensive bike may be sourced from "over there".  But once you're talking about a hardtail...I mean the whole argument, back in the day, for the added expense for a really sweet frame was that it was handbuilt "over here" with some sort of attention to detail.  An offshore bike had none of that cachet and none of the pricetag.  So we're conditioned to not even really ask that question on a full suspension bike, but once you start looking at hardtails...some kind of base instinct rears up and says "wait a second..."  I mean, even Chromag plays this game with onshore and offshore versions of the same frame (more or less).

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