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Aug. 10, 2016, 10:08 p.m. -  Chris Cogsdil

#!markdown My lower back is shot, and surgery won't fix it. It's for life, unless I'm lucky enough for it to get worse, then I can get surgery. I can ride difficult downhills just fine, with minimal consequences pain wise. I am only able to climb by concentrating on my posture and being vigilant about it. Once I get fatigued, my posture suffers and my pelvis tilts causing severe pain that lasts days or weeks after the ride. Being in shape helps prevent fatigue, but one of a million things in life or on the bike can prevent me from riding for weeks at a time and losing my hard earned fitness several times a year. I'm still riding under my own power for now, and only with prescription pain killers, but there will come a day when an electric assist bike will be my best, or only, option to continue mountain biking. I'm not lazy, and you're not better than me. As much as you think people are being lazy, or opportunist "cheaters", you are behaving like a closed minded, judgmental elitist. Maybe you should just ride and let these people have their fun, even if they're having fun a slightly differently way than you.

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