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Aug. 9, 2017, 2:35 p.m. -  Andrew Major

As I mentioned above I felt the difference after I swapped the brakes, tire, post and fork was such that it directly refuted the conclusion in my first review. Normally I swap out parts as part of a review and in this case I didn't do so due to wrongly held convictions about the Stache.  It would not have made any difference if I had heard from Trek but also to restate the point I've had no communication with the brand. Both Cam and Pete - the editors at NSMB - questioned my desire to put together this piece (for obvious reasons now) but I maintain that in reading this review and my first (linked at the top of this piece) it is clear why I feel it is of interest - specifically because it is a bike that few riders on the Shore will ever experience.  The difference in speed, usability and fun was enormous.  I truly appreciate how many people read and interact with what I write. Not every piece is going to work for every reader. Some NSMB readers can't stand my thoughts, writing, humour, experience or whatever in general and don't read anything I write - that's totally okay too. I get that collusion is on everyone's mind for 2017 so I don't take any offense to being questioned on motivations - I think if you read the interaction above I thoroughly responded to all questions/concerns which I always endeavor to do.  . I am working on a long term review of the Manitou fork.  . On a personal note re the anonymous comment: "Andrew, you're better than this". It's pretty obvious you don't know me if you think so little of the price and foundation of my integrity.  You can freely disagree with my conclusions (ymmv afterall), the premise or the quality of this article and I'm happy to discuss all and any questions or concerns but I think the barrier to judging me as a person should be higher than bicycle media you consume online for free.

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