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Aug. 7, 2017, 6:34 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

My Light Bicycle carbon rims cost twice what the other quality AL rims I run. I've had the two bikes each ridden for 6 months a year over the last sporting LB carbon rims and one sporting AL rims. Same width, same tires, same trails, same type of 6" bike and same rider. The rear AL rim is dented to shit and needs to be replaced. The carbon rim is still perfect despite more than one pinch flatted tubeless tire on that rim. Once I replace the AL rim paying for the rim and labour to rebuild the wheel running AL will be more expensive on the rear of that bike. The front AL rim is doing fine. We've got about 10 sets of LB carbons rims on various bikes of folks I ride with. The oldest are 4-5yrs old and nobody has had a failure to date. I just built up a new set of LB carbon rims for a new bike and can't see any reason not to keep using carbon. It's strong, it's light and LB rims setup tubeless really well. The cost differential is small between carbon and AL.

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