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June 20, 2017, 9:39 a.m. -  Kirk Bothwell

Thanks Andrew, the pictures are really helpful.  Are you suggesting to pull the plunger past the hole or 30cc mark? Using your picture as an example, would you pull up from the ~15cc mark all the way past 30cc to create a vacuum and then release it? I get that the force of the plunger lightly pumping the bladder is better than the open funnel & flick method, just trying to wrap my head around the function of the hole. Maybe it's to allow the plunger to go in past 30 when fluid is already there? A local mechanic / bike wizard has a ton of experience with Magura brakes and says the vacuum on the caliper (when doing a full bleed) is the most important part. I've had good success pairing this, with using Ken's suggestion below.  Andrew, I also like your suggestion of tightening the fittings post-shortening, with the levers off the bars to avoid wind-up in the brake lines.

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