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June 9, 2017, 8:41 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Hi Paul, It's a totally fair question and I'll be addressing it with specific comparisons in my review. I'm running Camo on a RaceFace Turbine Cinch crankset. This is my line of thinking: Q) Why not just run a fixed spider Shimano crankset with a four bolt spider and stainless Wolftooth Stainless N/W ring? A-a) I like the flexibility that a direct mount crankset gives me and the Cinch interface is so good I don't see any advantaged to a fixed spider. . Q) Okay, in that case why not just run RaceFace's spider on the Cinch crankset with a Wolftooth Stainless N/W ring? A-1) The Camo spider uses posts that the Chainring sits on instead of a standard chainring bolt and nut interface. The bolts themselves are under no sheer loads allowing for the use of alloy bolts for a lighter system that is at least as secure but much faster to change rings on.  A-2) RaceFace cranks are sold a-la-carte and purchasing a RaceFace Cinch 4-bolt spider and a Wolftooth 4-bolt stainless N/W ring is the around the same price as a Camo setup. A-3) Stainless Steel vs. Stainless Steel the Camo system weights 1/2 as much as a stainless steel direct mount ring with no penalties I can perceive in performance (comparing a Camo aluminum setup with an aluminum direct mount ring does not yield a similar benefit).  . If you're not sold there a range of colourful [bolt kits]( are available for $5 a kit (half joking).  . If you're running round rings the Camo spider also fits down to a 28t which is a nice feature for folks swapping rings around regularly (quick and wide range of availability). I hope that's a good explanation (still a work in progress).  Thanks for engaging and please let me know if that makes sense!

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