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June 2, 2017, 11:05 a.m. -  Wacek Keepshack

The inside looks good but lots of stuff here is just marketing bollocks for people who know absolutely nothing. How can a carbon rim be flexy once it has enough meat it can withstand direct hits? I recommend taking a light bicycle XC rim which is just above 300g and trying to bend that by just pressing it against the ground. Even lightest road rims are known to never get out of true, to rub on rim brakes in corners. So that's about right for Bullsht content. Then Mike Kazimer from Pinkbike cracks one...  C'm on SC, carbon rims are rims made of carbon fibre, they are slightly lighter than aluminium counterparts, that's the end of the story. You save more weight by using alloy nipples instead of brass ones, but why would you do that in the first place?

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