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May 19, 2017, 6:12 a.m. -  Metacomet

Nice review Cam.  I have yet to flat since running CushCore as well, and have not experimented with super low/no pressure so it is great to hear about how well it held up to that!  Gives me even more confidence.  I am absolutely loving the inserts so far as well.  I wonder if it would be possible to fit a 650b long stem road tube into place as a last resort trail repair if you got a big hole or sidewall tear that a plug and sealant could not close, by pushing the stem of the tube right through the cushcore and out through the valve hole, so the tube is still against the tire.  Or a mtn tube with a valve extender.  I can't see why it wouldn't work for that type of long ride/last resort scenario.  Because I agree, pulling that thing out is not really much of an option out on the trail but you should have some type of backup solution if you are hours from anywhere.  Might be worth experimenting with anyway.

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